Damn Amsterdam is a blog (old school!) ✍️ about the infinite amount ∞ of great things in this world of ours πŸ—ΊοΈ

It's written by me, a 20-something dude πŸ‘¦ living in the Dutch capital 🌷

I work at a tech unicorn πŸ¦„, and by day I teach computers πŸ€– to work better with humans, and vice versa πŸ’‘

By night I'm probably wasting time and money on good beer 🍺, good food πŸ”, movies 🍿, bike racing πŸš΄β€, learning languages πŸ’¬, design ✏️, concerts 🎷, producing music 🎧, photography πŸ“· or anything else really

If it's interesting, it's on the blog. So stay posted! πŸ™‹